Hybrid/Homeschool Program for SY 24/25

We are thrilled to offer hybrid classes for homeschooling families in our area. This full year program offers homeschool families instruction for reading, writing, and math 2 or 3 days per week. 

  • Parents and guardians can choose to enroll their students in our flexible two- to three-day programs, which generally run from Monday through Thursday, allowing for a balanced approach to their child's education.
  • The program is 2 hours each day.
  • Students have access to our individualized online learning tools that ensure they learn at their own paces and at their own readiness levels, fostering a sense of confidence in their academic progress (subscriptions are included in tuition prices).
  • Comprehensive instruction in language arts and math is provided for students in kindergarten through grade seven. (Language arts include reading, writing, grammar, and phonics.)
Need help finding something you need? Reach out to us and let us know so we can remedy that or work with you on a solution!
We can also offer an online option if you are interested! We have an online learning environment built for students and teachers (MeritHub) and a learning management system that allows students to quickly locate and complete assignments, organize their calendars for online classes and assignments, and receive feedback from coursework. 

We focus on teaching students core skills- Reading, writing, and Math

Core skills

Students build core skills through expert instruction, hands-on learning opportunities, and computer programs designed to target instruction regardless of age or ability. This means students who typically perform below their peers have the time and support to build skills at their own pace without being compared to others. It also means that students who work at an accelerated pace have the freedom to do so. 


    Pricing includes all materials and subscriptions for students in kindergarten through seventh grade. High school courses are priced by the course and students will need to purchase their books for the course. 
    2- Day Program (Grades K through 7)
    Students attending the 2-day program will have classes scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. 

    3-Day Program (Grades K through 7)
    Students attending the 3-day program will have classes scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week. 

    Kindergarten thorugh 7th grade Hybrid/Homeschool
    Click Below to go to the Application for the Hybrid/Homeschool Program for the 24/25 School Year for Students in Kindergarten through Grade 7.